Bro. Harry F. McGovern, OSFS

Bro. Harry F. McGovern, OSFS

First Profession:
 August 21, 1964

Final Profession:
 September 28, 1969

Staff, De Chantal Hall, Villa Maria Retreat House, Deshairs House, Brisson Seminary, Wills Hall Community, Father Judge High School, Salesianum School; Pastoral Assistant, St. Thomas More, St. Francis de Sales; Director of Liturgy, St. Cecilia, Our Lady of Light

Present Ministry:
Staff – Salesianum School – Wilmington, DE

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Pope Francis initiated a Year of Consecrated Life; what is your understanding of the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience?
The vows enable us to be free so we can spread the faith and live Jesus with others.

Of the three vows, which do you see most connecting you to the people you serve?
Chastity – it frees us so we can serve and spend time with all God’s people.

What gift do you see the Oblates, as religious men, bringing to the church and world?
We are “down to earth” people who are full of joy and gentleness.

How does your commitment to a religious community impact your life? \
The community is very supportive to me and in turn allow me to be supportive of others.

What is your greatest hope for religious life in the church?
That it continues to grow in its mission of bring Christ to others.

What has been a surprise for you as you have lived as a religious?
We are ordinary people doing ordinary things.

What excites you most about Pope Francis? 
He is so full of life and he wants to bring all God’s people together as one.