Bro. Joseph G. Schodowski, OSFS

Bro. Joseph G. Schodowski, OSFS

First Profession:
 August 8, 1981

Final Profession:
March 11, 1989

 Staff, Salesianum School, De Sales University.

Present Ministry:
Facilities Services – De Sales University – Center Valley, PA

What is your favorite church hymn?

On Eagles Wings

What book or film remains meaningful for you?  Why?

Tuesdays with Morrie (book and movie) because it gave me an understanding of the disease ALS which my father had.

How do you pray best?

In early morning taking a walk.

How do you think Salesian humility can make a difference in the world?

I think the quote:  "Be who you are and be that well" says it all.  If we do this we can help make a difference in our world.

As Pope Francis calls all to live the Gospel with joy, what gives you joy as an Oblate?

I am given joy by "Living Jesus" to the people I encounter each day.

If a young man were to be inspired by your vocation, what would you hope would inspire him?

Doing the ordinary things in life extraordinarily well.