Basic Elements & Sample Retreat
We have prayers prepared that use psalms, music, quiet and sharing. So we can take care of prayer or you can or some combination

If you want we can have Mass each day or some days--morning, afternoon, evening or night or groups are welcome to join a parish mass @ 7:55 or 12:05 weekdays. On weekends there are several options for parish Masses---or again the group could have its own Mass. The 11:30 Sunday Mass is a particularly good choice.

Service Work
There are various works that groups can be involved in: the parish school, community garden, soup kitchen, clothing thrift store, parish visitation, nursing home, homeless shelter, door ministry at the rectory. Of course each of these could use the work of 5 or 6 volunteers per experience, so the larger group divides up for work and can rotate each day among the works.

Presentations by Various Ministries
Some service agencies can't really use volunteers regularly since they are pretty specialized--Legal Clinic, Medical Clinic, Computer/Website center, counseling center. However, there are people willing to talk about what they do and share insight and faith.

Content & Reflection
The content from our end focuses on Catholic Social Teaching, and wants to give opportunity for participants to reflect aloud or via journal on their experience and insight. In addition our particular identity as a Salesian ministry means we bring the insight of St. Francis de Sales to the experience to share.

Breakfast is easy cereal, toast, etc available before of after Morning Prayer before Work
Lunch again, materials provided,
Dinner One night everyone is invited to the Oblate community for dinner, I can see one subgroup's work assignment be preparing the evening meal---food gathered from our food bank (to have an experience of depending on the generosity of others and the limits that come with that), having o ne meal with homeless guests at the soup kitchen is an option,

Sample Itinerary:
breakfast available
Morning Prayer
breakfast available

Morning Service period


Time for reflection together/ presenters from various ministries

later Afternoon Service period


Time for reflection/recreation/ presenters from various ministries

Night Prayer

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