Our Lady of the Highways

Enroll as a spiritual traveler invoking the protection of Mary, Christ's Mother, for safe travel.

Invoking Mary's name, Mary's Travelers place themselves and anyone they wish to  enroll, under Mary's protection for safe travel.

Why a Shrine to Our Lady of the Highways?


In 1968, on a foggy October night, seven automobiles collided on interstate 95, just a few yards from an Oblate house.  Many Oblates assisted the injured and dying on this busy highway.

Later, the Oblates erected a statue of our Lady as a memorial to those who died, and as a reminder to all motorists to drive safely.  This monument was dedicated as a Shrine to Our Lady of the Highways to invoke Mary, Christ's mother, as protector of travelers.

Who are Mary's Travelers?

  • A Group pledged to drive defensively
  • To keep their vehicle mechanically safe
  • To pray before beginning a trip
  •  And pray for themselves and other travelers

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