Rev. Alfred J. Smuda, OSFS

First Profession:
September 14, 1957

Final Profession:
September 18, 1960

October 1, 1966

Faculty, Father Judge High School; Oblate Missions in Brazil and India

Present Ministry: 
Pastor, Our Lady of the Seas

Personality by Pixels

What is your favorite church hymn? 

A lot of music in Portuguese and Spanish.

What book or film remains meaningful for you?  Why?

Oscar Romeo - Madre Teresa - made me aware of who I am and where I am going.

How do you pray best?

When I'm alone - even in a crowd - anyplace when the Spirit touches me and makes me focus ...  Attempting to live in the present moment.

How do you think Salesian humility can make a difference in the world?

It's a challenge ... I look at Pope Francis ... and many others who are working in the spirit.  Small steps and we will build the Kingdom of God!

As Pope Francis calls all to live the Gospel with joy, what gives you joy as an Oblate?

Just being Oblate and staying on track.  Living the present moment.

If a young man were to be inspired by your vocation, what would you hope would inspire him?

My life!.  Doing what I'm doing.  How I pray the Mass, how I party.  Just ordinary things.