Rev. Joseph A. DiMauro, OSFS

Rev. Joseph A. DiMauro, OSFS

First Profession:
August 20, 1967

Final Profession:
October 3, 1970

June 9, 1973

Faculty, Northeast Catholic High School, Salesianum School, De Sales University; Director of Vocations; Principal, Father Lopez High School, Father Judge High School, Nativity Preparatory School; Parochial Vicar, Christ the King

Present Ministry:
Parochial Vicar – Christ the King Parish – Diocese of Camden

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Pope Francis has called for a jubilee Year of Mercy. How do you experience the mercy of God in your life?
In my life mercy comes when justice is practiced by all.  Obviously, mercy without justice is shallow and justice without mercy is cold and barren.

With many experience of violence in the world and in our country, what is one way that you see Salesian gentleness as a healing agent?
Violence is a sympton of a much deeper problem or problems.  Thus, we need to gently uncover the source(s) of vilence with care and expertise and honesty, not politics.  Salesian gentleness contains all the necessary assets.

What is the most recent book you read? Who was the author, and what did you think of it?
All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.  A novel that touches the heart about a blind French girl and a German boy-soldier and other wonderful characters during World War II and occupied France.  Well written and he did win the Pulitzer Prize.

What is the most challenging dimension of Salesian Spirituality for you?
I find gentleness an ongoing challenge for me.  Being gentle for me is like having the skill of a surgeon performing a delicate operation.  Strength is a necessary asset; violence is a temptation.

If you were pope, what would be one decision you would make to impact church in a life-giving way?
Right now I cannot think of some decision that Francis has not already made … Maybe an encyclical on the value of true gentleness.

What gives you joy as an Oblate of St. Francis de Sales?
Seeing people respond positively and joyfully to our hospitality.

If someone were to write a biography of your life, what title would you give it?
The Vagabond Oblate Lover

Which person taught you a lesson that is especially valuable to you? What was the lesson?
“If you are truly strong and extraordinary, no one can ever truly offend you.  Your true humility will however, take offense at the injury of others, especially the weak.”  Maria Cirino DiMauro (mom).