Rev. Paul H. Colloton, OSFS

First Profession:
August 18, 1985

Final Profession:
September 3, 1988

May 12, 1990

Personality by Pixels

Present Ministry:
Campus Chaplain and Associate Director of Campus Ministry, Ohio Dominican University

What is your favorite church hymn?
Jesus, the Lord, Live Jesus, O Holy Dwelling Peace of God.

What book or film remains meaningful for you?  Why?
Manchester By The Sea - it captured the struggle to forgive self and deal with death so realistically and well.

How do you pray best?
In my recliner, with the Scriptures of the Day, in silence, and sometimes responding in song.

How do you think Salesian humility can make a difference in the world?
It could build trust and help us see all people as gifted and challenged.  With a level playing field, there would be hope for dialogue and trust.

As Pope Francis calls all to live the Gospel with joy, what gives you joy as an Oblate?
Gathering with my Oblate confreres and seeing the joy of the Gospel in the faces of those with whom and to whom I minister. 

If a young man were to be inspired by your vocation, what would you hope would inspire him?
The peace, joy and service that I find in my life and ministry.