Rev. Robert G. Mulligan, OSFS

Rev. Robert G. Mulligan, OSFS

First Profession:
August 13, 1977

Final Profession: 
January 21, 1984

June 8, 1985

Faculty, Salesianum School, De Sales University; Assistant Principal / Dean of Studies, Father Lopez High School; Principal, Father Lopez High School, Paul VI High School, Father Judge High School; Assistant Principal / Academic Dean; Salesianum School; Staff, Chestnut Hill College

Present Ministry:
Chaplain – Campus Ministry                                                                                                    
Instructor – Division of Teacher Education and Leadership – Chestnut Hill College – Philadelphia, PA

Personality by Pixels

 What living person most reflects the joy of the Gospel for you?
CBS – The Late Show host – Stephen Colbert.  Colbert has been described as a modern-day Catholic who is filled with joy, truth, and a lore of the Catholic faith.  He uses his satire as a way to bring about  change in our nation and the world.

Pope Francis is a Jesuit who chose the name of St. Francis of Assisi.  Some have said he pastorally resembles St. Francis de Sales.  What is Salesian about Pope Francis?
Remember, Pope Francis is a Jesuit.  Ignatian Spirituality influences Salesian Spirituality. In a sense, they are like the two covers of a book.  Pope Francis lives the Salesian virtues of humility and gentleness.

What is your favorite dimension of being an Oblate of St. Francis de Sales?
Doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.  We Oblates live a simple day-to-day life with people in the world.  People like the fact that we are in the trenches with them.  We make their struggles our struggles.

How do you think Salesian gentleness can make a difference in the world?
We live in a world that has lost the concept of civility.  People cannot talk to each other – instead they hurl insults at each other.  St. Francis de Sales modeled gentleness even to his enemies.  He was a peace maker who tried to bring people together.

What is the most recent book you read?  Would you recommend it?
The Francis Effect – Living the Joy of the Gospel.  I would recommend it.  Though written for Australian readers, each topic/chapter is very relevant to Americans.

Name an Oblate who taught you an important lesson that has remained with you.  What did he teach you?
Fr. Joseph Beattie, OSFS – teacher, coach, priest.  I worked with Fr. Joseph Beattie at Salesianum School.  He was the model priest-coach.  Every action began with a prayer. Every track meet was preceded by a Mass.  Every victory was celebrated humbly.

What advise could you give to a young person interested in religious life?
You do not have to be “super holy” to be a religious priest or brother.  You do have to be willing to try to be holy day after day.

How do you think religious life serves the church and world in a way that is unique from our brothers and sisters who are single, married, or diocesan priests?
Our call is not unique – it is different in the sense that we live out the call.  As religious we are called to identify with the poor and marginalized.  Religious life is a form of vulnerability which allows us to serve the poor and remind people of the dignity of every human person.