Rev. Timothy McIntire, OSFS

Rev. Timothy McIntire, OSFS

First Profession:
August 15, 2009

Final Profession:
 June 20, 2012

 June 27, 2013

Faculty, DeSales University; Chaplain, DeSales University.

Present Ministry: 
Director of Associates – North American Provinces, Chaplain – De Sales University

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What living person most reflects the joy of the Gospel for you?
Fr. Ken McKenna, OSFS

Pope Francis is a Jesuit who chose the name of St. Francis of Assisi.  Some have said he pastorally resembles St. Francis de Sales.  What is Salesian about Pope Francis?
Pope Francis resembles St. Francis de Sales in his gentleness.

What is your favorite dimension of being an Oblate of St. Francis de Sales?
The wide array of ministry opportunities – education, chaplancy, parish, service.  We are respected when being assigned to a specific apostolate and ministry.

How do you think Salesian gentleness can make a difference in the world?
Gentleness from a Salesian perspective is not being a pushover.  It is the way of non-violent resistance, in other words, living Jesus’ exhortations to turn the other cheek.   St. Francis de Sales was not a weak, submissive pushover.  On the contrary, he stood his ground in the face of adversity and instead of acting out of hatred, emotional upset or the need for power/control, he led with respect, love and wisdom.

What is the most recent book you read?  Would you recommend it?

The Complete Stories of Flannery O’Connor.  I would highly recommend if for she had great insight into the human condition and was such an imaginative writer.

Name an Oblate who taught you an important lesson that has remained with you.  What did he teach you?
Ken McKenna – he taught me the true meaning of gentle simplicity through the example of his life.  He not only taught me Salesian Spirituality – he lives it!

What advice could you give to a young person interested in religious life?
The advice that I would give is the advice Jesus continuously gives throughout the Gospels:  “Do not be afraid!”  Do not be afraid to come and see;  do not be afraid to give your life to God through giving your life in community to the church.

How do you think religious life serves the church and world in a way that is unique from our brothers and sisters who are single, married, or diocesan priests?
Religious communities serve in thenooks and crannies of the church and world.  We’re somewhat counter-cultural which allows us to get into and minister to those whom the church and world overlooks for different reasons.  The church and world are BIG; we’re small and fit easily into those areas, those nooks and crannies, in whom the lost can be found.