Rev. William J. Nessel, OSFS

Rev. William J. Nessel, OSFS

First Profession:
September 10, 1947

Final Profession:
September 10, 1950

June 9, 1956

Faculty, Father Judge High School, De Sales School of Theology; Campus Minister / Director of Pastoral Ministry Program, De Sales University; Founding Pastor, St. Francis de Sales, St. George; Pastor, Sacred Heart; National Assistant Director, De Sales Secular Institute

Present Ministry:
Assistant National Director of Secular Institute of St. Francis de Sales

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What is your favorite church hymn?  
Now Thank We All Our God, Gift of Finest Wheat, Battle Hymn of the Republic, O Sacrum Convivium.

What book or film remains meaningful for you?  Why?
How the Scots Invented the Modern World by Arthur Herman.  This New York Times best seller gives a new way of viewing the world and the Scots significant contribution to life in the USA.

How do you pray best?
By striving to live in the present moment, be like Jesus who sought to live out the Father's will, and speak often to God heart to heart, be it in solitude or in the midst of the masses of the world.

How do you think Salesian humility can make a difference in the world?
Teresa of Avila tells us humility is truth.  It also is a significant dimension of who Jesus is.  Salesian humility enables us to Life Jesus in the world and reveal both the gentleness and humility in Jesus which will make this a more truthful and gentle world.

As Pope Francis calls all to live the Gospel with joy, what gives you joy as an Oblate?
Salesian spirituality enables us to be optimistic and to rejoice in the goodness of others and experience happiness as an Oblate and find joy in our Oblate community life and ministry.

If a young man were to be inspired by your vocation, what would you hope would inspire him?
It is said of St. Francis de Sales:  How good he is, how good must Jesus Christ be.  I hope the goodness, kindness, gentleness and humility in me by the saving graces of Jesus Christ would inspire him to live the Oblate Salesian life.