Rev. Francis J. Blood, OSFS

First Profession:
January 29, 1959

Final Profession:
May 3, 1964

May 27, 1972

Activities Director: Northeast Catholic High School
Admissions Staff: DeSales University
Faculty: Bishop McDevit High School
Director of Pastoral Care: St. Francis Hospital
Faculty/School Minister: Father Lopez High School
Pastor: St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Cecilia
Academic Dean: De Sales Hall
Chaplain: Cooper Medical Center
Senior Priest: Immaculate Conception.

Present Ministry:
Retired — Annecy Hall, Childs, MD — Diocese of Wilmington

Personality by Pixels

How did you know you were called to your vocation?
Hard work and hard prayer.

Who had the greatest influence on you becoming an Oblate and why?
Rev. John Gavin, OSFS and Rev. William Fisher, OSFS.

What do you feel has been the greatest blessing in your life?
Good health and a variety of ministries.

What do you find most inspiring about our Catholic social teaching?
Keeping our focus on the poor.

What captures your heart or imagination about the life of Jesus?
Feeding the hungry.

How do you feel the Holy Spirit moving in the Church today?
 Pope Francis and his weekly sermons.

What is your favorite Bible story or passage?
 The Samaritan Woman.

What is one skill you wish you had?
Music, music, music.