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If you would like to support the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales now, please consider an on-line donation.

Simply complete the secure form, and we will process your generous gift with ease and no expense to our administrative offices.  From providing tuition-free Catholic education to students from poor families in the inner city and caring for those struggling with poverty addiction in the poorest and most dangerous urban neighborhoods to ensuring our aged and infirm priests and brothers a dignified care in their final years and guaranteeing a strong training for our next generation, we need your help!  Be assured of our vast gratitude and of our prayers for you and those you love.

Help Keep a Catholic School Student Learning

Nativity Preparatory School of Wilmington provides tuition-free education for middle school boys from the inner-city where their educational options are painfully limited. Founded by the Oblates, this school connects students with an extended-day and extended-year programs of study, physical exercise, and nutrition. Your generosity can transform a boy’s life.

Help the Poorest Among Us

DeSales Service Works is the ministry of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales that works among our poor neighbors in urban environments. Presently in Camden, New Jersey, we serve children with education, food, attention, and hope. We seek to bring their parents to heal from undereducation and unemployment. We walk with them to healing and rehabilitation from addiction and abuse. Your generosity can change a life.


Help a Retired Oblate Priest or Brother

Having worked for years in the church, many of our priests and brothers are retired and now committed to praying for you and your families. Some are infirm and need great assistance with the activities of daily living. We are proud to provide a dignified care that you would want for yourself or your loved ones. As you know, such care is costly, and we need your help. Your generosity can give care to an Oblate priest or brother in his final years.

Help an Oblate Seminarian

We Oblates are proud of the men studying to advance our sacred mission into the future. Steeped in the best of our Catholic tradition, these seminarians need your help to be strong preachers, compassionate ministers, and prayerful men who will care for you and your loved ones in the years to come. Your generosity can ordain a priest. 

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