Rev. Mark J. Wrightson, OSFS

Rev. Mark J. Wrightson, OSFS

First Profession:
August 12, 1978

Final Profession:
May 5, 1984

May 31, 1986

Faculty, Salesianum School, Bishop Verot High School; Parochial Vicar, Our Lady of Light, St. Paul the Apostle, St. Thomas More Oratory; President, Northeast Catholic High School; Pastor; St. Francis de Sales; Pastor, St. Anthony of Padua

Present Ministry:
Pastor, St. Anthony of Padua

Personality by Pixels

What was a favorite course you had in school, from grade school thru grad school?
A course at Villanova University dealing with the problem of evil in the world.

Why is Salesian gentleness so important to you?
Because I struggle with my temper ... gentleness pulls me back to a better frame of mind.

If you were asked to select a motto by which to live - other than De Sales' Live Jesus, what would it be?
Place yourself in the presence of God.

What do you miss about living in a time when there was less technology?  Why?
I miss being more reflective, less in a hurry.

Pope Francis continues to both inspire and challenge.  What is most inspiring about him and what is most challenging?
What is inspiring is his appeal across national and economic boundaries.  What is challenging is always having the stamina to keep up with him!.

On a bad day, how do you make it a little better?
I don't have bad days!

What is a favorite Scripture quote or passage?
Come to me all who labor and are heavy burdened and I will refresh you.