Rev. Robert G. Mulligan, OSFS

Rev. Robert G. Mulligan, OSFS

First Profession:
August 13, 1977

Final Profession: 
January 21, 1984

June 8, 1985

Faculty, Salesianum School, De Sales University; Assistant Principal / Dean of Studies, Father Lopez High School; Principal, Father Lopez High School, Paul VI High School, Father Judge High School; Assistant Principal / Academic Dean; Salesianum School; Staff, Chestnut Hill College

Present Ministry:
Chaplain – Campus Ministry                                                                                                    
Instructor – Division of Teacher Education and Leadership – Chestnut Hill College – Philadelphia, PA

Personality by Pixels

 What was a favorite course you had in school, from grade school thru grad school?
I took a course in college called"Theological Problems in Literature."  It helped me to see that God is present in all sorts of times, places, and people.

Why is Salesian gentleness so important to you?
I think of Salesian gentleness as "civility" in today's world.  We need more civil discourse in modern society.  De Sales left us a good example to follow.

If you were asked to select a motto by which to live - other than De Sales' Live Jesus what would it be??
"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted."  

What do you miss about living in a time when there was less technology?  Why?
I miss the quiet we had before smart phones and email and social networking.  Today our world is filled with noise and distractions.  We are victims of the "? of email."  People want an answer and want it now?.

Pope Francis continues to both inspire and challenge.  What is most inspiring about him and what is most challenging?
Francis inspires me by his continued concern for immigrants, the poor, and the environment. He also inspires me by his willingness to apologize for mistakes made by himself and the Church in the past.

Of all the gifts fiends and family have given you, what is a favorite?
1.  A ring given to me by my mom and dad when I took my perpetual vows as an Oblate - reminds me of my  vows.  2.  My chalice given to me by my mom and dad - reminds me of my priesthood..

On a bad day, how do you make it a little better?
I try to practice "mindfulness."  I give myself some quiet time and deep breathing exercises to calm down and focus on the good.

What is a favorite Scripture quote or passage?
John 3:16 but a modern version.  "For God so loved the world that he sent his Son ... and not a committee."