Rev. Timothy McIntire, OSFS

Rev. Timothy McIntire, OSFS

First Profession:
August 15, 2009

Final Profession:
 June 20, 2012

 June 27, 2013

Faculty, DeSales University; Chaplain, DeSales University; Parochial Vicar, St Mary's-St. Joseph's.

Present Ministry: 
Co-Vocation Director, North American Provinces; Parochial Vicar, St. Mary-St. Joseph's, Adrian, MI

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What was a favorite course you had in school, from grade school thru grad school?
Introduction to the Eucharist (grad school).

Why is Salesian gentleness so important to you?
Because the world is in such great need of it, most especially me.

If you were asked to select a motto by which to live - other than De Sales' Live Jesus, what would it be?
Love your neighbor as yourself.

What do you miss about living in a time when there was less technology?  Why?
I think technology has made multi-tasking, rapid- response and "instantaneous" in all aspects of our life the norm.  I wish it weren't that way

Pope Francis continues to both inspire and challenge.  What is most inspiring about him and what is most challenging?

Pope Francis is most definitely inspiring and challenging.

Of all the gifts friends and family have given you, what is a favorite?
Their friendship, love and forgiveness.

On a bad day, how do you make it a little better?
Two glasses of wine before dinner.  Seriously, I usually reach out to friends for whom I am most grateful.

What is a favorite Scripture quote or passage?
1 Kings 19:11-12.