Images in the Salesian Tradition

In the introduction to his book Praying with Francis de Sales, Rev. Thomas F. Dailey, OSFS, writes: “One incontestable fact about Francis’ spiritual legacy is his emphasis on beauty as the starting point for all theological reflection. In fact, his writings contain so many images – thirty-three thousand by one scholar’s count! – that he is arguably the literary champion of the imagination among all French authors of his time…In his poetic writing style, Francis incorporates a whole host of personifications, one-word images, symbols and stories. We know, too, that his many sermons are filled with illustrations drawn from sacred Scripture, natural history, and the whole range of human activity. In Francis’ own words, this use of the imagination affords much benefit because it demonstrates ‘an inestimable efficacy to enlighten the understanding and move the will.’” (Page 24) 

With this truth in mind, this section of our web site offers you the opportunity to explore much of Francis de Sales’ writings by way of the images he employed to capture the imagination of the people of his day...and that continue to capture our imaginations in our day: enlightening the mind, enflaming the heart and motivating the will to “Live + Jesus!”