Many of our partners in ministry benefitted from our work, especially in Catholic schools at low tuition rates and lower remuneration to the Oblate teachers. We now ask you to consider a pledge, over five years, to help finance the retirement of one Oblate for one year. They gave you a scholarship; you can give them a seniorship. Costing close to $70,000 a year, retirement for a priest or brother is a loving gift to a man who gave so much! A scholarship in reverse, the seniorship offers grateful people the chance to say “Thank you” to the specific Oblate who gave them so much. In turn, that Oblate will pray for you—by name—daily, and his room will have signage including your name and picture outside its door. You will also be invited to his milestone celebrations.

For more information...

Ray Alcaraz
Major Gifts Officer
(410) 398-3057