On the Go with St. Frances de Sales Aviat

Day 1
"Become more and more a soul who is simple and confident in our good Savior. Confide everything to Him; bring everything to Him, and He will give you all that is necessary." 

Day 2
"God, who wants us to abandon ourselves entirely to Him, often places on our shoulders the cross of uncertainty. Let us love this cross as we do all the others which come from His hand and not look for others. We shouldn't choose anything; we should just follow and love the signs posted by divine Providence." 

Day 3
"Don't get discouraged for Our Lord is satisfied with our good will and when we give it over entirely, completely to His service, He compensates for our incapacity; He does the work or He permits all that we do, imperfect though it may be, to serve and turn to the good of those we take care of." 

Day 4
"Let God be your Master and feel free to do with you what He wishes." 

Day 5
"My God, I accept, I love, I desire the persons and things just as you arrange them for me."

Day 6
"Let us be prudent and know how to wait for the moment of God; we must not go ahead of it." 

Day 7
"Do not be preoccupied with the future. God is in charge of it. Wherever He places us, we are sure of being able to love and serve Him, and even more of being able to make Him loved and served." 

Day 8
"Remain very confident and in great certainty that God loves you very much and that He will reward your smallest efforts. We cannot attain perfection in one stroke but be very courageous and determined to use the means which are given to you each day to make some little progress." 

Day 9
"Make your kitchen a true little sanctuary by praying while you prepare the meal." 

Day 10
"Each of us is a little instrument in the hand of God. What we are and what we do is nothing; what is important is what we do with love for God who is everything." 

Day 11
"I ask our Lord for the grace to recognize difficulties and hard situations not as obstacles, but as the true and effective means of going along the true and good little path. But no matter how narrow it is, you must not follow it alone, but go very faithfully with Him who wants to be your all." 

Day 12
"Trials are painful, but when they are well accepted, they often produce unexpected, little hoped for fruits." 

Day 13
"May the Savior motivate your every act with light and strength; may He give you that peace which is our happiness, even when we are overwhelmed with work, uncertainty, or difficulties." 

Day 14
"Go often to rest your heart near the tabernacle; you will find there the necessary strength and graces to go more surely along the little path of fidelity." 

Day 15
"Strive to practice patience and charity so that your relationships may be happy and good. Pass many things between God and you; that is the means of suppressing your first impulse and acquiring much self control." 

Day 16
"Serve God and your dear neighbor well each day. When we forget ourselves for others, Our Lord thinks of us and His grace does not fail us." 

Day 17
"Let us confide more and more those whom we love to the Savior. He will know how to care for them." 

Day 18
"Look at each neighbor, the smallest, the most wretched, as Our Lord Himself looks at him, with love and compassion. Win them over, love them, bear with them, pray for them, especially for those who are less lovable." 

Day 19
"Each of us has, unfortunately, a faulty point; we are not without weakness and imperfections, but we must help one another and look only at our neighbor's good side." 

Day 20
"Each of us has our defects, our little faults; we are far from perfection, but thoughtless remarks or acts lacking in judgment must not become snowballs and form mountains of separation between us." 

Day 21
"Let us not be prompt to demand what we want from the neighbor, for Our Lord is patient with us." 

Day 22
"Let us pray a great deal for one another; prayer makes fall from our heart all the little bitter feelings that we feel for our neighbor." 

Day 23
"It is perseverance in everything that crowns work, and we must not let ourselves be deflected by a difficulty that often is only a passing one, when it is accepted and borne well." 

Day 24
"Take delight in the present moment and always find your happiness where God places you and in doing what the moment asks of you." 

Day 25
"May your soul taste all the happiness there is in doing the will of God generously." 

Day 26
"Union with God and abandonment of our will to His gives peace and interior happiness in the midst of the greatest anguish." 

Day 27
"Have your heart in the right place to see things and people from the true point of view. Yes, let us see them as we will wish we had seen them at the moment of our death." 

Day 28
"Be very generous in the little sacrifices, so as to obtain the grace to help little souls to love and serve God well." 

Day 29
"Let grace act in your soul and love to follow its least movement; it is in this way that each day you will acquire a little of the strength you wish for to repress the first impulse or to know how to await God's little moment." 

Day 30
"Courage! We work for a good Master who counts our steps and our efforts and who receives as done to Himself what we do for others."