Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time (September 22, 2019)

We heard the Lord speak very clearly through the prophet Amos in today’s first reading: God cares for the needy and the poor.

He will not forget any injustices we may do to them. Each person is God’s child; he asks to look at each person as a brother or sister. That is how he wants us to live together.

We heard St. Paul urge us to pray for civil authorities. We are to pray that they will be good leaders, concerned for the good of each person. This helps us to live together peacefully and productively. Leaders are to promote the common good, respecting the rights of all, especially the less influential, and encouraging everyone to care for one another.

Our prayers are very needed today.

You and I know just how enterprising the worldly can be in protecting themselves and their fortunes. Jesus is encouraging us to be just as enterprising about living by Gospel values in our daily lives. It’s so easy to buy into the greed we see all around us. Jesus warns us: you can’t serve two masters.

This weekend has offered us an opportunity to reflect on gospel values in married life and in our community living. It is our hope and prayer that you will choose to listen for the voice of God in each other and in the Church and choose to serve our God who is loving and compassionate to all of us. If each of us will take the time to listen in prayer each day, we will have the strength and courage we will need to be enterprising in gospel ways - ways that will reflect the love and compassion of God to each of our brothers and sisters.