Third Sunday in Ordinary Time (January 22, 2017)

Today’s reading from Isaiah announces once again that Jesus’ coming among us has brought light to the darkness and gloom of our world.

Jesus has smashed the yoke of sin; he brings us joy and reason for great rejoicing. You and I have been brought into the Light through our baptism, and we are grateful for this gift.

We look around us, and it’s easy to see the gloom and darkness that cover so many peoples’ lives. Since our baptism gives us a share in Jesus’ mission to bring Light to the world, it’s important that His Light be with us as we go about our daily living.

The way we reach out to the people we live with and work with offers us an opportunity to share His Light. Our caring, our honesty, our compassion, our willingness to forgive - each can bring Light into the darkness

which envelops many of our brothers and sisters.

Like Andrew and Peter, James and John, Jesus calls us to follow him into our world. We need to be clear about our mission as followers. We are called to share the Light of Christ, not our own light. If we are sharing the only true light – Jesus, then there can be no factions, no special groups. We are called to be one in the Body of Christ; otherwise we risk rendering the cross of Christ void of its meaning,

as we heard St. Paul tell us.

Today we are invited to spend some time renewing our commitment to live in the Light of Christ. In prayer and Eucharist, we can gain some new insights into how we can do this more completely. And now the Lord will come to nourish us for our continuing journey with him.

May we let Jesus live in us more and more each day, and may His Light shine through us in all we do.