What God’s Goodness Looks Like - Live

This week's reflection is written by
Rev. Richard R. DeLillio, OSFS

Anna is now 86 years old. For years she volunteered as a Bible Study teacher at her small country parish. And she loved it. Now, at 86, her eyes have begun to diminish.

This hasn’t deterred Anna from serving the Lord. As she put it, “After all He has done for me.” She added. “I’ll just look around until I find something else that fits!” And Anna did just that. She found her “What’s next!”

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She graciously volunteers today as a Eucharistic Minister for Alzheimer Patients at the Free Spirit Wing of Little Flower Health Center. She loves the work and enjoys meeting the residents, (as she says) for the “first time” every time she visits.

With a huge grin on her face, she said: “Each time I go there, I never know what to expect.” She continued, “It’s such a joy to bring Jesus.” And she quickly added, “They may not remember Jesus,” pausing, “But I know He remembers each one of them, and is delighted to see them.”

At 86, with diminishing eye sight, Anna keeps finding life even at the Free Spirit Wing, and says with enthusiasm: “I get far more back than I bring.” She continues, “Even if I only bring a little hope to each one.” She looks around and says: “Its’s better than sitting home in an empty room and wondering about my what’s nextIt’s just easier, and more fun too,when I choose my own what’s next myself.”

Anna is taking her own God’s goodness which is freely given to all of us. She is taking her portion, and using what she needs for herself and the extra Anna is giving to those who need it. That is, at this moment in Anna’s ministry, it is the residents at the Free Spirit Wing who are enjoying the goodness. And, as usual, when you give God’s goodness away, God simply gives you much more.

Anna’s life and ministry is an example of how her life given by God is fueling her love of those who need life. Anna tells the Spirit Wing patients through her visits that she sees them, that they matter and that their God still loves them. Anna admits she doesn’t know how Jesus works all this out, she just helps make it happen and smiling says, “I let Jesus work out the details.”

Bringing joy and her love for the Eucharist, Anna feels as if she has the same power as Jesus when He heals a withered hand or gives sight to the blind. In Anna’s heart her small action brings the same miraculous power that Jesus does with His. Even if she only renews, refreshes, remakes them for just a little while.

God is grateful and loves watching Anna mirror Him creating and shaping life. Through Anna’s hands and heart, God continues to make the lives of His creation better and more joyous! When Anna helps God to do this, Anna shows us what God’s goodness actually looks like-Live.