On the Go with Margaret Mary Alacoque

Day 1
"Acknowledge that without Me you can do nothing, but I will never let you lack help as long as you keep your weakness and nothingness buried in My strength."

Day 2
"I have yet a rough and heavy cross to place on your weak shoulders, but I am powerful enough to sustain it; fear nothing, and let Me do with you and in you whatsoever I will."

Day 3
"Remember that your perfection consists wholly in conforming your life and actions to the sacred maxims of the Heart of Jesus, especially His patience, His meekness, His humility, and His charity."

Day 4
"I desire that you serve Me as an instrument to draw hearts to my love."

Day 5
"I have heard your sighs, and the desires of your heart are so pleasing to Me, that had I not instituted My divine Sacrament of love, I would do so now for love of you, so as to have the pleasure of dwelling in your soul and of taking My loving repose in your heart."

Day 6
"If you are faithful to do the Will of God in time, yours shall be accomplished throughout eternity.

Day 7
"Let us begin in earnest to work out our salvation, for no one will do it for us, since even He Himself, Who made us without ourselves, will not save us without ourselves."

Day 8
"Forget your own interests and leave the care of yourself to your heavenly Father. The further you withdraw from self, the closer you draw to God."

Day 9
"You must never be discouraged or give way to anxiety . . . but ever have recourse to the adorable Heart of Jesus."

Day 10
"It should suffice for us that God be satisfied. I am sure that neither you nor I wish for anything else. Let us then love our Lord, and give Him all without reserve."

Day 11
"Afflictions or consolation, health or sickness, is all one to a heart that loves. Since we wish only to please God, it should be enough for us that His Will is accomplished."

Day 12
"The divine Heart of Jesus must be entirely substituted for our own, that He alone may live and act in us and for us."

Day 13
"Let us leave the future to the loving Providence of this divine Heart Which only asks of us fidelity to the present moment."

Day 14
"May the peace of the adorable Heart of Jesus Christ ever fill our hearts, so that nothing may be able to disturb our serenity."

Day 15
"Have great confidence in God and never distrust His mercy, which infinitely surpasses all our misery."

Day 16
"When you are in trouble and anxiety, go and plunge yourself in the peace of this adorable Heart, which no one can take from you."

Day 17
"Do not be afraid to abandon yourself unreservedly to His loving Providence, for a child cannot perish in the arms of a Father Who is omnipotent."

Day 18
"You cannot pray. Be satisfied to unite yourself with the prayer our divine Savior makes for us in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, and offer His ardor to make reparation for your lukewarmness."

Day 19
"If you wish to acquire the gift of prayer, you must humbly persevere in mortifying your senses; mortify your eyes, your tongue and your ears, by cutting off all vain curiosity, which is often the cause of the distractions which beset you in your (spiritual) exercises."

Day 20
"Our Lord frequently told me that I should keep a secluded place for Him in my heart . . . where He would teach me to love Him."

Day 21
"On awakening, enter into the Sacred Heart of Jesus and consecrate to It your Body, your soul, your heart and your whole being, so as to live but for Its love and glory alone."

Day 22
"The virtue of meekness will make you condescending to your neighbor, whom you will excuse, bearing charitably and in silence all the pain which may be caused you."

Day 23
"Avoid over-eagerness and strive to model your interior and exterior upon the humble (gentleness) of the loving Heart of Jesus, doing each of your actions with the same tranquility as if you had but that alone to do."

Day 24
"Humble yourself whenever opportunity offers with true humility of heart. This is all, I think, that the Heart of our Lord asks of you."

Day 25
"As for the ardent desire which urges you to become a saint, I hope this will be so, with the grace of the Sacred Heart of our Lord Who will make you a great saint, but I think He will sanctify you in His own way and not in yours. Therefore, you must leave it to Him."

Day 26
"Cherish and honor those who humble and mortify you; look upon them as your greatest benefactors."

Day 27
"You must constantly carry the cross which He lays on you, be it interior or exterior, without growing weary or complaining of its length or weight. Does it not suffice that it has been given to you by the hands of a Friend, Whose all-loving Heart has destined it for you from all eternity?"

Day 28
"Let us take refuge in the Wound of the Sacred Side like a poor traveler, who seeks a safe harbor in which to shelter from the rocks and tempests of the stormy sea of this life, for here below we are continually exposed to shipwreck, unless we have the help of an all-wise Pilot."

Day 29
"If He so wills, God can draw His glory from our most insignificant actions."

Day 30
"Take up your abode in this adorable Heart; bring to It your little vexations and annoyances, and your heart will then be calmed. You will find in the divine Heart the remedy of your ills, strength in your weakness, and a refuge in all your needs."

Selected and adapted from Thoughts and Sayings of Saint Margaret Mary for Every Day of the Year. Compiled by the Sisters of the Visitation of Paray-le-Monial and translated by the Sisters of the Visitation of Partridge Green, England. Rockford, IL: Tan Books and Publishers, Inc., 1935.