Retreats on the Run

A five-to-ten minute Salesian mini-retreat for people on the go...

1. Find a place or space that offers you some quiet. 

2. Take a moment to be conscious that you are in the loving and living presence of God.

"My God, you are loving me. Help me to spend these few moments with you in prayerful reflection. Help me to sense whatever you desire to stir up in my heart to help keep me grounded."

3. Read slowly and prayerfully the reflection offered for the day (click on the links above) until a word or idea slowly emerges or grabs your attention. 

4. In the silence of your heart, speak with God about whatever is stirred up in your heart. Stay with this silent prayer for a while. 

5. As your prayer-time draws to a close, offer thanksgiving for God's loving presence with you during this time and at all times. 

6. Take a word or phrase from your prayer-time and carry it in your heart as you go about the activities of your day. In this way you can remain recollected and focused in the midst of all of your activities.